Common Weak Spots for Pest


Pest entering your home is the first problem you want to handle when fighting the problem. Extermination and care is useless if your home is open to invasion, so to speak. After you have closed off the ways for them to enter, you can worry about dealing with the existing ones . Different pests cause different problems and just like so Рthey act in different ways. Some may come through your door, some through your window and some you might carry in on yourself. So, how to protect your home from all those guys? If you have a pest problem go here for a fast and easy solution.

c2ff715729e55e8b840f0499ee38ac6dCockroaches – these guys are hard, let me tell you that. They are tough and breed fast, hard to kill and easy to escape. And I’ve seen enough grown men flinch on sight of them. They love dark and wet spaces, so make sure you have as few of those in your house. They can often be found in bathrooms so sealing your bath sink overnight is a smart thing to do. Also, keep your toilet lid down at night. If you have old boxes or just bunch of stuff sitting in your garage – go through it. The chances are that some of them are wet and that you will see bugs escaping once you lift it. Keep an eye on such suspicious places and make sure they are bug free. You might also try and seal the gaps in your floors and walls, since they love sneaking and coming out of the tiniest cracks.

Beetles – many love the band, few love the animals. And it’s like that for a reason. Beetles are a tough pest to fight, they are numerous, they breed fast and they are hard to kill. They love coming in through the open doors and windows – so make sure you make it bug proof. Putting safety bug net on your doors and windows will provide great protection, so you can leave your windows open on a hot day and still enjoy a bug free living room. They also may enter through cracks in the walls, under your door or window, so make sure they are air tight.

Mice – mice are larger than bugs and easier to detect but they also do more damage and pose more threat. If there is a hole your little finger can go through, little mouse can enter. They are very good at sensing food and once they enter your home it’s very hard to get rid of them. Luckily, they have weak spots that can be used against them. Their bad eye sight is one of them. If you don’t have a cat or other animals – you can set mouse snap traps. You just need to buy a few, place them near the mouse house or food source and wait for that snap. You might also consider glue or poison solutions, but poison can be dangerous to other members of your family or pets, and so can glue.